Alfredo Timermans

Lawyer, telecommunications expert, policy adviser to the Partido Popular; Spain

Alfredo Timermans is a Spanish lawyer with extensive international experience. Over the course of his career Alfredo has worked in policy as well as in politics, practicing law for several companies and serving as Senior Political Advisor for Spanish Prime Minister José María Aznar. He has also worked in FAES, a Spanish center-right think tank closely associated with the Paritdo Popular, on whose board he now sits. From 2005 through 2020 Alfredo was responsible for the New York and Washington offices of Telefonica, the global telecommunications company. An expert in telecom and Internet policy, while at Telefonica Timermans focused on communications, public policy and regulatory activities. In addition, he helped found and serves on the board of Fundacion Querer, a Madrid-based NGO devoted to providing education and care for children with special needs, like Pepe, his son.

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