Eduardo Amadeo

Politician, diplomat, economist and social activist; Argentina

Eduardo Amadeo has served his country in many capacities, most recently (2015-19) as an elected member of the national Congress, representing Buenos Aires as a member of the Propuesta Republicana formed by President Macri.  During his mandate he served as Chairman of the Finance Committee.

Previously, he was President of the Bank of the Province of Buenos Aires (1987-91), Secretary for Social Development of the Republic of Argentina (1994-98)  and Ambassador to the United States (2002-3).

In addition, he was deputy chief of the Cabinet of Ministers and spokesperson for President Eduardo Duhalde. As Secretary for the Prevention of Drug Addiction and Control of Drug Trafficking (1998), he implemented the first comprehensive statistical system for drug demand in the country. In 1994, he became a fellow at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.

He was first elected to Congress in 1991, where he became president of the education committee and secured the approval of the federal education law and the law for superior education.

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