Gabriela Cuevas Barron

Federal Congresswoman and President of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, Mexico

Gabriela Cuevas was elected to the Mexican Congress for the third time in July, 2018 and previously served as a Senator.
As a federal legislator, her work has focused on human rights, asylum and migration, and foreign affairs. During her time as a Senator, Ms. Cuevas chaired the Foreign Relations Committee.  In 2017, she was elected President of the Inter-Parliamentarian Union, the global organization of parliamentarians headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.   She is the youngest legislator and only the second woman to lead the world’s most important multilateral parliamentary institution.  Earlier in her career, Ms. Cuevas was the Chairperson of the Mayoral Committee of the Mexico City Constituent Assembly, a deputy in the Mexico City Legislative Assembly and the elected mayor of the Miguel Hidalgo district in Mexico City.  Ms. Cuevas, who studied  Political Science at the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México, is a regular contributor to various Mexican media outlets.

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