2023 Winner

Andrew Bastawrous

for bringing vision—and thereby better lives—to more than a million people


Professor Andrew Bastawrous is co-founder and CEO of Peek Vision and The Peek Vision Foundation. Peek is a social enterprise which develops smartphone technology and public health tools to help eye health organizations increase their impact. Bastawrous is also an ophthalmologist and professor at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. He is co-founder of the Vision Catalyst Fund. He has published an impressive array of academic articles focused on international eye health and mobile technology in healthcare and has co-authored four books including, “The Nakura Eye Disease Cohort Study.” His TED talk has been viewed over one million times.

New thinking, new actions

Through Peek, Bastawrous has worked diligently to highlight the transformative effects of regaining lost vision, and the importance of international collaboration in ending avoidable blindness and vision loss worldwide. Peek’s software and data intelligence platform is being used to transform eye health in 12 low- and middle-income countries in Africa and Asia, working with governments and International NGO partners and other eye care providers. Peek’s standalone vision check app, Peek Acuity, launched on the Google Play store in and is a Class I medical device which has been used in more than 190 countries. Close to 100,000 people are screened each week using Peek, with more than 5 million people reached cumulatively to date. Learn more

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