2023 Winner

Margaret Lowman

for her tireless and innovative scientific and advocacy work to protect the planet’s forests


Margaret D. Lowman, Ph.D. is an American biologist, educator, ecologist, writer, explorer, and public speaker. Her expertise involves canopy ecology, canopy plant-insect relationships, and constructing canopy walkways. Lowman is the executive director and founder of TREE Foundation in Sarasota, Florida, established in 2000 as a non-profit with a mission to link local underserved children to nature and promote tree research, education, and exploration.

New thinking, new actions

Lowman also launched Mission Green to build 10 canopy walkways in the world’s highest bio-diverse forests over the next 5 years. This project partners with renowned oceanographer, Sylvia Earle. Lowman’s book, a memoir called, “The Arbornaut: Exploring the 8th Continent in the Trees Above Us,” aims to inspire girls to seek careers in field biology. She served as a visiting professor for the National University of Singapore, research professor for the University of Sains Malaysia, adjunct professor at Arizona State University, and National Geographic Explorer. Lowman leverages her international network and exploration, seeking best practices to solve environmental challenges. Over the past 40 years, her work in forest canopy science involved groundbreaking work in 46 countries and all seven continents. Learn more

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