Building Communities and Fulfilling Dreams

Rodrigo Rubido is an architect, a co-founder and the executive director of Instituto Elos, a nonprofit organization based in Santos, Brasil that is dedicated to train and stimulate individuals and communities from all over the world for collective and cooperative action oriented by the purpose “to propel the movement to make happen now the world we all dream of”.At Elos, he has co-created the Warriors Without Weapons program (Guerreiros Sem Armas) and the Oasis Game being also a facilitator of these programs. Besides that he has been working internationally as a consultant and speaker on social change, entrepreneurship for change, participative leadership, community mobilization and community building in multicultural contexts. Over more than 20 years he has been focused on design and facilitating methods and process for collective learning and action or what could be called learning by doing experiences for personal and social transformation. He has worked both with social, private and public sectors in Brazil and abroad in countries like Bolivia, Canada, Curaçao, England, Netherlands and Spain.Rodrigo Rubido is part of the 2017 class of Tällberg Global Leaders and winner of the Eliasson Global Leadership Prize of the Tällberg Foundation.

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We offer innovative solutions for building the best of all worlds in a collective, pleasant way, using methodologies based on the Elos Philosophy.

It is increasingly evident our planet’s greatest wealth is diversity. We rely on this diversity when it comes to building strategies for transforming the world. In our vision for a better world, companies and communities, adults and children, governments and civil society work, coexist, live side by side and offer their best for the best of all worlds.

This belief is reflected in our diverse staff, made up of a combination of experiences and a mosaic of knowledge that has been assembled over the course of a history that began in 1995. Elos arose from the coming together of five young architects and has become a multidisciplinary community focused on designing strategies to build the best of all worlds starting right now.

Most of our work is internationally known by the Guerreiros Sem Armas (Warriors Without Weapons) program, a one year long international course for changemakers from the 3 sectors which includes an intensive 31 days immersion in 3 communities of Santos in Brazil, this program receives applications from more 900 people from over 60 countries on each edition. Also, by the Oasis Game, a social technology developed by us in the format of a game to make change in the real life. It has been played in over 400 communities around the globe.

This year of 2017, Elos was elected as one of the hundred best NGOs in Brazil by Revista Época, one of biggest magazines in the country.

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