Asha Curran

“My hope for GivingTuesday is that there is a world that is within reach where generosity is the driving force behind everything we do, all of our daily interactions and all of our more dramatic interactions.”

Asha Curran is the CEO and Co-Founder of GivingTuesday in the United States.

Philanthropy is seen by many as more American than global, but Asha Curran has changed both the perception and the reality. She co-founded (2012) and continues to lead GivingTuesday, which has grown into a global generosity movement propelled by thousands of leaders, partners, platforms, and networks who have a vision and an integrated culture of shared humanity, reciprocity, and mutualism. Today, GivingTuesday inspires giving throughout the year with more than 75 country movements around the world and more than 300 community, coalition, and cause campaigns that bring passionate leaders and givers together through a common commitment to radical generosity. GivingTuesday has sparked increased giving, collective action, and grassroots leadership by embracing new models of movement building that challenge long-standing notions of social change. 

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