Soraya Fouladi

“One of the responsibilities as teammates–the theme number one–is health first, always. It’s physical health, spiritual health, mental health, all types of health come first. And by having this as a value, it gives the teammates space to be human.”

Soraya Fouladi is the Founder & CEO of Jara – closing the digital divide by building the distance learning solution for K-12 students in low-power and low-internet communities globally.

Soraya Fouladi is an international entrepreneur, leading a multi-national team to bring quality education to children in under-resourced communities. An electrical engineer by training, Soraya invented the Jara Unit, a solar and crank-powered education device that provides children offline access to curriculum-aligned educational content. The device enables learning anywhere, anytime and is a teaching tool for teachers in low-internet, low-power communities where ordinary tablets or smartphones do not work. Soraya and Jara are working to encourage widespread adoption of this innovative technology.

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