In this week’s episode of the Tällberg Foundation Podcast, we listen to a conversation between Anne Goldfeld, Faustin Linyekula and Saul Griffith who share their perspectives on the future and their relationship with it.

The three 2019 Tällberg/Eliasson Global Leadership Prize winners discover how their respective expertise – medicine, dance and fighting climate change – are all fueled by the mystery of the unknown and desire to explore it.

2019 Tällberg/Eliasson Global Leadership Prize winners:
Anne Goldfeld, Senior Investigator, Program in Cellular and Molecular Medicine, Boston Children’s Hospital and Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School; Founder, Global Health Committee; USA
Saul Griffith, Founder / Principal Scientist at Otherlab; Australia and US
Faustin Linyekula, Dancer, Choreographer, Director and Storyteller; DRC

The conversation was facilitated by Tom Cummings, Founder, Leading Ventures and Board Member, Tällberg Foundation; The Netherlands.

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