Making Democracy Work

A Celebration of the 2020 winners of the
Tällberg Eliasson Global Leadership Prize
December 8 and 9, 2020

The event will be live streamed here!

10.00 EST / 16.00 CET – 11.45 EST / 17.45 CET

Global Leaders!  Meet the winners of the 2020 Tällberg Eliasson Global Leadership Prize. Each will be interviewed by a member of the jury that selected them, exploring their approach to leadership, discussing their successes and failures, and defining how they will cope with a world that needs to be pushed in better directions.

  • Welcome by Alan Stoga, Chairman, Tällberg Foundation
  • Leadership by Jan Eliasson, Chair of the Governing Board, SIPRI
  • Sylvia Earle, marine biologist and explorer
    Interviewed by Ashok Mirpuri, Ambassador to the United States from Singapore
  • Jared Genser, International human rights lawyer and advocate
    Interviewed by Shahidul Alam, Bangladeshi photographer and activist
  • Nithya Ramanathan, Engineer working to improve human health with sensory intelligence
    Interview by Cecilia Weckstrom, Sr Director, Diversity, Inclusion & People Innovation, The Lego Group

Music: Kajsa William-Olsson, cellist, Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra with pianist Terés Löf

Leaders on leadership: How do leaders cope with shocks, uncertainty and volatility—and still lead? The easiest response (as well as our natural instinct) to this pandemic year has been to hunker down.  But leaders didn’t have that option: their organizations—companies, universities, philanthropies, ministries, congregations—had to be re-invented on the fly.  In a world with no “normal” in sight how does a leader lead, inspire, motivate? When everything seems to be breaking, what’s a leader to do?

  • Carole Wainaina (moderator), Africa 50, Kenya
  • Andreas Dracopoulos, Co-President of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation
  • Alejandro Santo Domingo, Investor and entrepreneur
  • Ulla-Britt Fräjdin-Hellqvist, Engineer and board professional
  • Ron Daniels, President, Johns Hopkins University

Dramatic reading

Wrap-up by Alan Stoga

10.00 EST / 16.00 CET – 11.45 EST / 17.45 CET

Good Day! by Alan Stoga

Poetry: Sitawa Namwalie

Leadership in a time of Covid: what have we learned; what should we forget; what have we missed? If nothing else, the pandemic has tested us, as individuals and as leaders. There was no time for careful contemplation as the walls were collapsing on institutions and organizations, on established processes and regulations, on accepted ways of doing both the ordinary and the unusual. We had to learn to be alone, together; we had to lead remotely.  Since the odds of returning to the status quo ante seem pretty low, how are we as leaders going to shape our futures?

  • Vishakha Desai (moderator), Educator and scholar, Columbia University
  • Chris Parker, UK Director for National Cyber Security with Fortinet
  • Mary Schneider Enriquez, Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art, Harvard University
  • Abshiro Halake, Senator of the Republic of Kenya
  • Daniel Martinez Valle, CEO, Orbia, Mexico-based multinational

Magical thinking by Mark Mitton, Magician

New Thinking for a New World. All ideas are not born equal—but they all need an equal opportunity to grow, to be tested, to succeed or to fail. Now more than ever it’s not thinking “out of the box” that’s needed—there is no box anymore—but thinking that is both unconstrained and concrete?  How do we get beyond the vagueness of the “big picture” and find concrete, practical, actionable new ideas?

  • Introduction and video by Maarten Koets, NGO executive
  • Maarten Koets (moderator)
  • Rosemary Okello, Educator and media specialist Kenya’s Strathmore Business School
  • Alejandra Peralta, Educator and administrator, Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México
  • Ellen Lust, Academic and social scientist

Close by Alan Stoga

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