La Isla Network (LIN), a global consultancy protecting manual laborers from occupational safety and health hazards, continues to deliver on its mission through collaboration with various stakeholders.

CEO and Founder Jason Glaser attended the International Conference on Occupational Heat Stress from 9 to 10 of May in Doha, Qatar. The mission of the conference is to bring together international stakeholders to discuss heat stress and how to protect workers from it. It is co-organized by the Ministry of Labour of Qatar and the United Nations International Labour Organization.

LIN’s multi-stakeholder initiative, PREP 4 Change, has launched with a series of workshops in Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. P4C is a four and a half year initiative to address occupational safety and health hazards in various production sectors across the Northern Triangle, including sugar, coffee, and garments. The workshops took place in March. Participants left the workshops feeling content and energized, and hopeful that sugar cane will lead industries the world over in protecting workers in a changing climate.

LIN partner films and investigative projects have been released recently showcasing the effects of heat on workers the world over. To take a look at those, please head over to the News section of our website.

Finally, LIN is excited to announce Let’s Bring It Home!, a seed funding campaign to help bring LIN’s tried and true systems to protect manual laborers from heat and other occupational safety and health hazards. To participate in the campaign and learn more, click here.


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