New Thinking for a New World – a Tallberg Foundation Podcast
In this week’s podcast episode, Scott Miller and Josh Steiner explore the potential impact of the pandemic on longer term trends shaping the United States

What is the state of the Union? Has the American dream become American carnage? Covid-19 has laid bare many pre-existing fissures and deep distress in American society. Can the exhausted majority reassert themselves on the back of this crisis?  Will the pandemic allow the emergence of a culture of competence and experience, instead of the deep partisanship and politicization that has characterized US. politics and governance for years? These are some of the questions Scott Miller, CEO of the Core Strategy Group and co-founder of Sawyer/ Miller Strategic Consulting Group, and Josh Steiner, Chairman of Castleton Commodities, Senior Advisor to Bloomberg LP and board member of Yale University among other institutions, address in this episode of New Thinking for a New World.

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